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spirit classic sheet carbon

spirit classic sheet carbon

Be completely involved with every step of the tattoo process with the ReproFX Spirit Tattoo Carbon. These papers are coated with the highest quality waxes and dyes used in Spirit Hectograph/Freehand papers. The incredibly smooth blend and responsiveness of the wax and dyes allow artists to have ultimate control and introduce extreme details to their stencils. Spirit Tattoo Carbon is completely hassle-free, without any transfer paper, slip sheets, or backing paper to get in the way.

 Please note that these papers are for hand-drawn stencils. They are not compatible with thermal or fax style printers.


  • Dimensions:  8-1/2” x 11”
  • Freehand – ultimate control with hand drawn stencils
  • Not compatible with thermal or fax style printers
  • Use with ReproFX Spirit Tattoo Transfer Cream
  • Made in USA


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