Tuotteen hinta sisältää alv24% 

500ml(alv0% hinta 12,90 )

Alkoholi pohjainen neste käsien, ihon sekä pienialaisten pintojen desinfiointiin.

16,50 €
AHD 1000 käsi- ja iho desinfiointi 500ml

AHD 1000 käsi- ja iho desinfiointi 500ml

- Created for hands and skin disinfection before intervention as well as for small alcohol-resistant surface disinfection.

- Has wide bio-killing spectrum against bacteria, viruses, fungus, bacillus - inactivasion of a Polio virus in 1 minute!

- Shows immediate and prolonged disinfectional actions.

- Ethanol based, characterizes by high bio-killing effectivness and low toxicity.

- Addition of hydrating substance protects the skin against outflow of water.

- Added perfume oil neutralizes ethanol's smell, making the liquid more pleasent.

- Carefully choosen composition of ingridients ensures appropriate effect on the skin.

- Recommended for people with allergy and sensable skin.

- Well tolerated when used often.

- Doesn't leave the feel of slippy hands after use.

- Very good for skin degreasing.


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