Liner or Shader – Adjustable with Cams Bearings (paketissa mukana)
Machine Type – Rotary Machine
Brand – Stealth® (3rd Generation)
Materiaali – CNC’d from Aircraft alumiini
Mottori – Japanese Motor & 7,000 Maximum RPM
Machine Connection – RCA ja Clip Cord.
Paino- 119g

Included in the Set – 3.2mm cam bearing, 3.6mm cam bearing (installed on machine), & 4mm cam bearing. Also includes a machine case, & 1 allen keys.
Product Info – The Set includes a Stealth 3.0 Rotary Machine with a 3.6mm Swing Cam Bearing on it, and also includes a 3.2mm & 4 Cam Bearing also. The reason you get 2 additional bearings, is to see which swing length works for you. Not everyone has the same preference, and we give you the tools to change it. The machine also has a Clip Cord & RCA connection for power.

249,00 €
Tilapäisesti loppunut
Toimitusaika 7-14 päivää


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