Sterilizer Machine – 200C Degree Dry Air, No Chemicals, 300W, Adjustable Timer, 1.5L Capacity, No Steam, Stainless Steel Body

This high-temperature sterilizer machine offers you a fast and easy way to kill bacteria on small objects. It is well-known that high temperatures can kill bacteria and viruses attached to an object and this is exactly with the KH-228B sanitizing box is doing. This gizmo is widely used in laboratories, catering services, and beauty salons to sterilize everyday objects. As it works with dry air, your gadget won’t harm the object it is sterilizing. Additionally, no pressure, steam, or chemicals are applied in the cleaning process which makes your sterilization box safe to use.

This compact sanitizing box features a capacity of 1.5 liters. This makes it perfect for sterilizing small objects such as hairdressing equipment, metal containers, cosmetics, and beauty tools. It is relatively small in size and light in weight. Therefore it is great for small laboratories, restaurants, and beauty salons where it can be used without taking up too much space. By reaching temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, this gizmo is guaranteed to kill 100% of viruses and bacteria present on an object.

119,00 €
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Sterilizer Machine - 200C Degree Dry Air

Sterilizer Machine - 200C Degree Dry Air

  • Sterilizer Machine - 200C Degree Dry Air
  • Sterilizer Machine - 200C Degree Dry Air

Panel material: stainless steel
Capacity: 1.5L
Disinfection time: 90min
Disinfection cabinet temperature: up to 50-200 Degrees Celsius
Rated voltage: 110-220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Rated power: 300W

Main Product Dimensions: 175× 350× 200mm (L x W x D)
Main Product Weight: 3140g