Liner or Shader – Adjustable with Cams Bearings (paketissa mukana)
Machine Type – Rotary Machine
Brand – Stealth® (3rd Generation)
Materiaali – CNC’d from Aircraft alumiini
Mottori – Japanese Motor & 7,000 Maximum RPM
Machine Connection – RCA ja Clip Cord.
Paino- 119g

Included in the Set – 3.2mm cam bearing, 3.6mm cam bearing (installed on machine), & 4mm cam bearing. Also includes a machine case, & 1 allen keys.
Product Info – The Set includes a Stealth 3.0 Rotary Machine with a 3.6mm Swing Cam Bearing on it, and also includes a 3.2mm & 4 Cam Bearing also. The reason you get 2 additional bearings, is to see which swing length works for you. Not everyone has the same preference, and we give you the tools to change it. Please check out our Youtube Video to see how to change it. The machine also has a Clip Cord & RCA connection for power.

249,00 €
Alkaen 11,50 €/kk
Stealth 3.0

Stealth 3.0

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